The TaskManager is an software tool used to upload tasks and templates to a TaskManager-server. A task has to be linked to a template and assigned to a user or usergroup. The uploaded tasks are presented to the specific user after he starts up the ViewR. A task and template are also linked to an XNAT-server where the imaging data has to be retrieved. The tasks (e.g. for viewing, annotation and/or correction are presented on the basis of a so-called task list. The tasks are retrieved from a TaskManager-server and the images referred to from an XNAT-server.

General architecture#

The TaskManager is not a stand-alone application, but rather it works together with a client (e.g. the ViewR) and a data provider (e.g. an XNAT server). This is schematically shown in the following figure:


For example, when the ViewR is used, it connects to a TaskManager. From there it will retrieve a task list. The task includes information about:

  • Which task template the ViewR should used

  • Which scans the ViewR should load

  • Where the ViewR should store the resulting information

The task template is a file that describes the required layout of the ViewR for a particular group of tasks. This is described in detail in templates.

Once a task is to be loaded the ViewR will:

  • Download the template (if not yet on the client)

  • Apply the layout described in the template

  • Download the files required to execute the task

  • Present the downloaded resource files in the ViewR